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Message from the Leadership

SLHI’s empowers the lives of children impacted by foster care, especially those in residential facilities. We want to be an inspiration to these children, helping them to know they are not alone with what may seem a lonely journey. Our purpose is to serve in ways that support and engage these foster kids who face multiple challenges growing up within a residential facility environment. Our goal continues to be to work and serve in our communities where we live. SLHI is beyond grateful for the backing we have received from all our supporters. We are perfectly positioned to continue to engage and support kids in the foster care system with your continued and generous support. Thank you for your tremendous support of these young people and for supporting us at SLHI. It truly is a community effort, and we are looking forward to seeing what we create moving forward.

Warm regards, Angela, Sharon and Jill – Board of Directors

Michelle T. Williams is a Louisville native.  She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, Master of Arts in Higher Education Administration, and Master of Education in Counseling Psychology from the University of Louisville.  She worked in higher education for the past 12 and a half years. She was recently named the Executive Director of Santa Little Helpers, Inc.

After counseling a foster child while working on her master’s degree, Michelle gained insight on the special circumstances of foster children, and its effect on academic achievement and personal development.  She recognized these special circumstances caused a developmental gap in learning and personal growth on many foster children. After watching a Christmas movie in 2017, Michelle realized how she should help the foster population in her area. She made it her mission to help foster children fill the literacy and personal development gaps, despite their circumstances, and help them achieve academic success and developmental goals.

Sharon Ray is the Founder and CEO of S. Thompson & Associates a consultancy that partners with senior leaders in small to midsize companies to develop and optimize HR strategies and processes to achieve their business growth goals.  She currently serves as interim head of people for several technology companies.


Sharon’s passion is to enable teams to create and implement strategies that develop, engage and celebrate the contributions of all people. Creating environments where everyone can contribute to an organization in their own unique way is what drives success.  She has spent over 25+ years in human resources at large, medium and small organizations building the HR infrastructure to drive success across organizations and teams. 




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